CAM Software Offers Automation Intelligence

Geometric Technologies offers CAMWorks 2010 and DFMPro version 2.1.

Geometric Technologies offers CAMWorks 2010 and DFMPro version 2.1. CAMWorks is integrated within the SolidWorks platform to enable intelligence and automation in design and manufacturing processes. DFMPro facilitates upstream manufacturability validation and identification of designs that are difficult to manufacture, the company says.
CAMWorks 2010 has more than 50 new features and advancements that are said to increase speed and accuracy. This release also features advances in three-axis functionality as well as cutting strategies for two- through five-axis milling, turning and wire EDM. The software offers knowledge-based feature recognition and associative machining capabilities.
DFMPro version 2.1 adds an injection molding module designed to increase manufacturability of injection molded components. Users can validate features such as wall thickness, draft analysis, undercuts, ribs, bosses and more. Designs can also be verified within SolidWorks. DFMPro also facilitates collaborative design review process by generating comprehensive 3D reports in eDrawings format.

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