CAM Software With Enhancements For Multi-Axis Machining

Designed for production machining and die and mold applications, EdgeCAM features a range of two-to-five-axis milling, turning and mill/turn strategies as well as seamless CAD integration and automation tools, according to developer Pathtrace. Version 11 of the software introduces a variety of new features, including associative boundaries for enhanced toolpath control, STEP import for the part modeler and a user interface designed to reduce the complexity associated with multi-axis machining. The software also includes automatic feature recognition for open pockets and rotary holes on cylindrical faces. In addition, four- and five-axis simultaneous machining capabilities have been extended to support the latest mill/turn multi-tasking machines. The software’s simulator features visualization tools that can model machine tools and simulate all movement in the manufacturing process. According to the company, this feature can be particularly useful with five-axis machining because small changes in angular movement can generate significant machine-tool movement and result in collisions.

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