CAM Solutions For A Variety Of Machining Applications

The hyperMILL CAM package offers a number of machining techniques in an intuitive, Windows-based user interface. The software’s macro and feature-based technologies allow users to streamline and automate routine geometry programming. The CAM programs are converted into reliable machining programs by a postprocessor that is configured for the given machine, machine control and parts to be machined. The software supports 2D operations such as face milling, pocket machining, contour milling, rest machining and drilling as well as 3D roughing, finishing and rest machining. Its high speed machining functions include corner radius filleting, plunging, full-cut avoidance, spiral machining and stepdowns and stepovers. The software supports a variety of five-axis machining strategies, such as multi-axis indexing, 3+2 machining, automatic indexing, five-axis simultaneous machining and five-axis finishing and rest machining. Mill/turn capabilities include roughing, finishing, grooving, tapping and center drilling. Special geometry features are included to speed programming of impellers, blisks, blades, tubes and tires.