CAM Update Eases Simultaneous Five-Axis Conversions

Amerimold 2017: CGS will introduce Version 13 of its CAM-Tool software for 3D machining of molds and dies.

CGS will introduce Version 13 of its CAM-Tool software for 3D machining of molds and dies. This version includes upgrades to simultaneous five-axis conversions that change the way a stock model is created. With this new method of creation, five-axis conversions calculate faster and more accurately, the company says. This will also help when using the Delete Air Cuts function, which optimizes tool paths by referencing the stock model to remove any unnecessary air cuts.

Increased functionality in the Solid Modeler module allows CAD data to be more easily altered, allowing users to cover, move or remove areas of the part they no longer wish to machine. Machine simulation also has been upgraded to enable easier switching between machines in simultaneous five-axis simulation.

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