Carbide Blade Eliminates Run-in Process(2)

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Introducing the 3868 TSS (triple set stainless) line of carbide band saw blades, which is intended for use with AISI range stainless steel. Blades offered in this product line come pre-honed and are available in a range of sizes.   By offering pre-honed blades, the company says the act of running in a new blade is bypassed, which can improve productivity. Thus, the probability of damaging the carbide teeth during the run-in process is eliminated.

According to the company, the simplified design offers ease of use to those who may not have extensive knowledge of the blade.  So, an operator capable of cutting with a bimetal blade can use the new blade.

Sizes ranging from 41 mm x 1.3 mm to 67 mm x 1.6 mm are available.