Chamber Scrubber Reduces Particulate

The Cloud Chamber Scrubber controls submicronic particulate, eliminates particulate down to 0.1 micron at high efficiencies (99.9 percent efficient for particles from 0.1 to 300+ microns) with low energy consumption, the company says. The system uses 600 watts of power.

It is an alternative to high-energy venturis, diffusion candles, wet and dry electrostatic precipitators and similar devices. The system requires less than 1" of pressure drop per stage under full load operation. By contrast, venturi systems are said to typically require 40" to 70" of pressure drop and diffusion candles typically require 16" to 20" of pressure drop. The company says this factor is a contributor to the system's low operating costs.

The system also has the ability to remove fumes and gases simultaneously with particulate. Now one device can handle particulate and hazardous fumes simultaneously.



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