Chuck Jaws Fit Master Jaws with Hard-to-Find Pitches

Dillon Manufacturing's soft top jaws enable consistent part clamping.

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A manufacturing upgrade enables Dillon Manufacturing chuck jaws to add serrations of 2 mm × 60° and 2.5 mm × 60° for hard-to-find top jaws, hard jaws, and full-grip jaws that fit the corresponding chuck master jaws of the same hard-to-locate pitch. The company says it can now manufacture virtually any serration.

Dillon offers a range of jaws including soft jaws, hard jaws, full-grip jaws, collet pad jaws, vise jaws and custom jaws. The standard and custom chuck jaws and collet pads are said to be ideal for high-speed machining, in addition to precision boring, tapping, drilling and finishing across many industrial markets.

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