Chucks Have Low-Profile Construction

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The Hermann Schmidt Company produces a new style of magnetic workholding chucks suitable for use with high speed machining centers.

In addition to providing a workholding solution to manual clamping methods for high speed milling and grinding applications, the magnetic chucks can simplify complicated setups while offering accurate, tight tolerance repeatability and uniform holding, the company says.

The low-profile design embodies a new concept in magnetic circuit layout. Using rare earth magnets, the chucks supply holding forces that, according to the company, are 200 percent stronger than that of standard pole magnets. As a result, a range of workpiece sizes can be accommodated.

Developed for use with or without referencing systems in applications ranging from manually- operated to automated robotic systems, these chucks are available in sizes ranging from 6” x 6” to 12” x 12”.


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