CJWinter Products Extend Die Life

Originally titled 'Products Designed to Extend Die Life'

CJWinter’s thread-rolling products and expertise enable it to serve as a solution for its customers. 

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CJWinter offers products for a range of thread-rolling applications, enabling it to serve as a solution for its customers. The company produces both standard and custom tooth forms with special heat treatments, materials and coatings that are designed to extend die life.

The company also provides thread rolls for its own line of attachments, as well as attachments from other manufacturers, including Fette, Davenport, Landis, Reed, Detroit and Salvo. In addition, it produces large-diameter dies for a range of machines such as Tesker, Kinefac, Seny, ORT, Landis and Escofier.

The company’s webiste includes “how-to” videos, drawing, technical information, maintenance manuals and more. Sales engineers can also craft custom solutions to solve complex thread-rolling challenges for customers.