Clamp For Workpieces To 2" Thick

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A new riser component introduced by the company is selectively used to enable its Equalizer clamp to hold thicker workpieces. The clamp accommodates workpieces up to 1" thick; the addition of the riser component allows it to securely hold workpieces up to 2" thick for precise machining operations. The clamp is totally non-influencing and grips both the top and bottom surfaces of workpieces with equal force, eliminating deflection or distortion from clamping, even on flimsy or difficult-to-hold pieces. The mechanism allows downward movement of the clamp screw, resulting in upward movement of the actuating rod until the toggle pad contacts the bottom of the workpiece. The clamp end of the rocker arm simultaneously pivots downward, contacting the top of the work. Contact pressure is equalized by the progressive action of the actuating rods and tightening generates static friction with the bored block. The result, according to the company, is a firm, noninfluencing clamping action.

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