Clamping Options

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A new line of hydraulic link clamps for use in workholding applications is now available. These cylinders can be used in a range of manufacturing applications, including metal cutting and automotive parts manufacturing.

The cylinders extend to provide clamping force, while retracting to allow for part removal. According to the company, this facilitates unobstructed part loading. Applying clamping force in a narrow area on a workpiece, the clamp uses a mechanical linkage to transfer the clamping force, which holds the workpiece during machining.

The operator can reposition the linkage to clamp at 90, 180 or 270 degrees from ports, thereby virtually eliminating the need for three separate clamps. The company says this feature simplifies ordering and offers flexibility in fixture design.

The clamps are available in capacities ranging from 700 lbs to 6,300 lbs of clamping force; with two mounting options; and in single acting and double acting versions. The mounting options include a threaded body for fine positioning or flange mounting for fixture preparation. All single acting models are said to have durable return springs; and, double acting versions are designed for applications where additional speed is required