Clamping System

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The TRIBOS Polygonal Claming system is designed to distribute uniform clamping force to three areas of the toolholder I.D. using the eastic demoration of steel without damage or wear. The biggest benefit of the system is said to be the safety of the clamping procedure, designed to provide no risk of burned fingers due to high temperature of the holder or the cutting tool. The system performs in most application from high-speed machining to demanding roughing processes. The slim designed holders offer advantages to mold and die machining and in many cases is said to even eliminate the need for long reach specialty cutting tools. Being both self-contained without additional external components and lightweight, these holders are said to further simplify tool changes by no requiring timely rebalancing. These holders are said to provide long tool life and high surface speed capability due to the balanced chip load on the cutting tool.

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HDC Straight Shank Toolholder Handles Clearance Applications

Big Kaiser’s HDC Straight Shank holder has a slim design that provides balance, concentricity and reach for confined areas and can be clamped into other base holders to extend overall reach of the tool assembly and avoid the need for special tools.