Clamping System Reduces Setup Times

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The ZeroClamp zero-point clamping system is designed for increased productivity. Users can achieve higher spindle usage by moving the setup of fixtures and workpieces off the machine tool, the company says. Free from the constraints of other palletization systems, the clamping system allows users to match the layout of clamping elements to each machine and enable rapid exchange of parts and fixtures in support of lean, one-piece-flow principles.   Because each clamping elements has 25,000 N of clamping force, there are virtually no jobs that the clamping system cannot accommodate, the company says. The clamping system is suitable for prototype building, small- and medium-series production and situations in which frequent setups are required. The palletization system is said to allow unskilled workers to setup jobs more easily and more easily exchange workpieces and fixtures. According to the company, the systems can be integrated without problems into virtually all applications and individual production processes, including presetting, turning, milling and grinding.   Customer-specific adaptations are achieved using a special clamping bolt, and the pallet system is manufactured from high-tensile aluminum. The clamping system offers repetition accuracy of 5µm and is designed to meet the demands of tight manufacturing tolerances. With a height of 44 mm, the system is suited for use in machining centers and can be used in existing machines and clamping peripherals. The system operates on a compressed air supply of 90 psi and is an airtight system, available with an additional blowout function that is built to avoid damage due to chips.