CMM For Shopfloor Measurement

The One CNC coordinate measuring machine is designed for shopfloor measurement and inspection operations. The company says the CMM’s small footprint allows it to be positioned close to machine tools. It uses linear recirculating ball bearings, rather than air bearings, which is said to eliminate the need for an air supply. It can be plugged in anywhere on the shop floor. In addition, the CMM offers a software tutorial that takes operators through installation and setup quickly and easily. It also automatically self verifies its original factory accuracy. The machine’s high-density polymer composite base stiffens the machine and provides 10 times more vibration dampening than traditional materials, according to the company. The base is also said to absorb high frequency noise found on the shop floor, further reducing vibrations that affect measuring accuracy. The X-axis carriage and Z-axis ram are constructed from an aluminum/silicon carbide matrix material said to reduce weight and minimize the influence of thermal effects on measurement results. All critical drive components are completely enclosed. Recirculating bearing packs are sealed to resist airborne contaminants, resulting in high life expectancy and low maintenance, the company says. Their inherent stiffness, says the company, provides volumetric accuracy and repeatability. The shop floor CMM comes equipped with the indexable Tesastar touch trigger probe and PC-DMIS One Touch measurement and inspection software. The company says the Tesastar probe can be rotated through an infinite number of positions for complete flexibility in measuring complex components. Its measuring force can be adjusted for applications requiring long styli. The CMM also accepts the full range of Renishaw probes and accessories, including the fully indexable PH-10 for complex measurements. PC-DMIS One Touch software includes touch screen Quick Start access to measurement routines and a Touch and Go Measurement feature. With Touch and Go Measurement, operators just touch the feature of the part being inspected. PC-DMIS One Touch automatically recognizes the feature type and creates an interactive graphical representation of the part on the screen. PC-DMIS One Touch on-board training modules assist operators before, during and after programming and part execution with practical hands-on advice. Measurement assistance and lessons are driven by part drawings for realistic, on-the-job training, the company says.

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