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CMM For Small- And Medium-Sized Parts

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Offered by Helmel Engineering Products, the Phoenix DCC coordinate measuring machine is especially useful for small- and medium-sized parts. With a capacity of 12" × 12" × 10", the machine complements the larger version at 20" x 16" x 14" and features fully covered ways, bearings and scales for protection. The metal-on-steel scales assure uniform thermal response, the company says.

The machine has a moving bridge design. Hardened and precision-ground ways with mechanical bearings are said to promote long-term reliability. Built-in mechanical (intrinsic) accuracy, delivering MPEE at 4 + L/200 µm, is independent of volumetric software error correction, which reduces calibration and maintenance costs over time, the company says.

The motorized system is outfitted with a Delta Tau PMAC controller and Geomet software, which is designed to simply programming. Also included is access to I/O settings, making the machine suitable for user integration into automated production cells.



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