CMM Program Features Icon-Based Interface

With an icon-based interface designed for ease of use, Mitutoyo America Corporation's MCosmos 3.0 Coordinate Measuring Machine software is designed to import native CAD models. The software graphically defines the CMM, racks, probes and styli, displaying all measurement points on a 3D view that the user can rotate, zoom or pan. Animation enables offline running of part programs before placing an actual part in the CMM, which could provide machine access verification and collision avoidance. To eliminate the need for manual data inputting, data is automatically extracted from the CAD models, wireframe or surfaces to generate CMM part programs before the part is manufactured. The program supports networking and real-time collection, analysis and sharing of SPC data. The product will accept IGES, VDA-FS and STEP CAD formats, as well as Spatial's ACIS and UGS's Parasolid. It is also compatible with Native CAD models from CATIA v4 and v5, UGS Unigraphics and NX, and PTC Pro/E and Wildfire. The product supports EDM with dedicated functions that enable calculation of tool-positioning corrections during machining.

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