CMM Speeds Inspection, Data Collection

IMTS 2018: AIMS has engineered its Revolution-series HB shop floor coordinate measurement machine (CMM) for fast, accurate inspections and gathering intelligence.


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Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems (AIMS) has engineered its Revolution-series HB shopfloor coordinate measurement machine (CMM) for fast, accurate inspection and intelligence gathering. The company will display its machine fitted with a Renishaw five-axis PH20 probe head, which quickly obtains high-density points for feature size, location and form. 

The machine has a polymer cast base providing vibration resistance and thermal stability. The hard-bearing machine does not require air and can be moved onto the shop floor to gather data at the point of use.

The company’s lab-grade Revolution-series LM will also be on display in Renishaw’s booth. It is fitted with a five-axis Revo 2 which collects workpiece data with 2D and 3D tactile probes, a surface roughness measurement probe or non-contact vision probe.

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