CNC Die Sinker

The company has unveiled its Agietron Advance die sinker in a new, more compact size. The new Advance 3 features an entirely new generator, gantry construction, a high resolution servo (1/8 micron; 0.000005") and precision ground ball screws said to provide fast erosion speed to a specific accuracy, with surface finish down to 0.2 Ra. The die-sinkers are "plug and play" EDM systems. The company says that upon delivery, all that is required is that the unit be leveled and connected to electrical, water and air supplies. Start up and production is said to be achieved within an hour. The flexible user interface, according to the company, reduces programming times to minutes instead of hours by simplifying complex job programming for multi-cavity, planetary, helical shape, deep rib and four-axis erosion. The system provides full erosion path contouring capabilities.

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