CNC Digital Control

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The company has introduced the 104/D, a digital control with higher CPU speed and a Windows 2000 Professional-based operating system. The control will be a standard feature of the company's new vertical machinng cetners (VMCs) without an increase in price, the company says.

The control is backwards compatible to the company's older VMCs, so existing part programs can be run on the new control. The only edits a user needs to make for decreasing part run times are matched increases in feed rate and spindle rpm to ensure proper chip load, the company says. The control will also be upgradeable.

According to the company, the control has demonstrated an increase of up to 10 times the cutting feed rate without deviating from part tolerances. These increases are said to complement the control’s ability to run DNC 100 times faster through an integrated 10-base T/100 Ethernet. The control’s data storage capacity is 4GB, eliminating the need to purchase expanded memory. Additional software features are said to include Gibbs CAM, Quick Code, part rotation, scaling and limitless variable and user-defined macros.

With a Windows 2000 Professional operating system, the digital control is said to enable the use of third party software, including CAM and communications programs. The control features a larger and brighter 15" LCD display, 101 PC keyboard and mouse. A new mounting system allows more freedom in positioning the pendant and provides enhanced operator ergonomics, the company says.