CNC Grinding Machine

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The company has released its OpenCNC grinder for CNC ID, OD and centerless grinders. The grinder consists of hardware, software and documentation and has been engineered to meet the needs of machine builders, integrators, end-users and retrofitters who specialize in CNC grinding machines, the company says.

The grinder maintains the flexibility and power of open architecture, while providing ease of use and built-in features of a standard package, the company says. It is said to allow machine builders and end users to easily upgrade or interchange machine hardware, software and peripheral components without having to re-engineer their existing machine logic.

The part programming features include: 11 wheel dressing routines, eight grinding sequences, advanced grinding wheel offset tools and an online help system. Each part program can contain as many as 20 grinding sequences.

The hardware/software package comes with wiring diagrams, documentation and pre-written PLC logic that allows machine builders or integrators to complete a control retrofit without having to spend weeks writing and debugging special machine logic, the company says.