CNC Integrates With Retrofit Applications

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Delta Tau Systems offers the Advantage 900 CNC package, a member of its CNC control family. The package combines an operator console and a four-, six- or eight-axis smart amplifier that is designed to meet the next generation of CNC control requirements.


The company designed the package to use the capabilities of the PC at the operator interface while also employing real-time digital signal processing to accommodate the motion-related tasks of the CNC machine. The modular design allows for a number of machine configurations.


The package includes a 15" LCD screen and customizable operator controls for an open architecture solution for OEM and retrofit CNC applications. The package supports high speed machining; multi-block, segmented look-ahead for path fidelity at any speed; kinematic capabilities for non-traditional mechanical configurations; fifth-axis programming capability; and lead screw and backlash compensation.

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