CNC Keyseater Features Water-Cooled Live Tooling

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The MorrisKeyseater fits onto virtually any manual or CNC mill, according to manufacturer Morris Welding&Machine. The machine can be programmed by any CNC control and follows a CNC path by way of linear bearings. It cuts internal and external keys, splines, tapered keys, internal grooves and blind keys. The machine is driven by the mill’s spindle, and the base is clamped directly to the mill’s table. The unit moves following a pattern using X and Z movements only. The keyseater cuts material using water-cooled live tooling, which does not harden the material. Larger end mills can be sharpened and reused. The tooling can be changed in less than 30 seconds using an Allen wrench. The machine also does not require different sized spindles for each ID, and it can machine keys without cutting the full length of the part. As an option, the machine can be integrated with a fourth axis. Other options include larger and smaller versions, depending on the application, and an adjustable roller bed stand on which the machine sits.