CNC Lathe With Hydrostatic Linear Guideway System

The Quest multi-tasking CNC lathe is available with HydroGlide, the company's new hydrostatic linear guideway system. The company says that when compared to conventional lathe box ways, ball linear guides or roller linear guides, hydrostatic guideway bearing life is infinite, because there is no bearing wear, resulting in longer machine life and extended rigidity and precision. Additionally, crash protection improves, according to the company, because the oil pressure in the pocket increases as cutting load is applied, creating a restoring force that prevents the fluid gap from closing under very high impact load. Impact vibration tests and torsional load (continuous vibration) testing show that hydrostatic guideways provide improved dynamic stiffness for heavy cutting capability and chatter resistance, as well as better damping compared to conventional linear ball guideways, according to the company. Actual test results confirmed improved part roundness, increased tool inset life and improved part surface finish, the company says. The lathe combines hydrostatic ways with the company's Harcrete-reinforced base. HydroGlide-equipped machines, say the company, can produce surface finishes in the 4 micro-inch range and part roundness in the 5 micro-inch range, and can increase tool insert life. This is said to be useful when performing turning operations on 45 to 62 Rc hardened parts. Using a lathe for hard turning operations allows the user to attain grinding-quality results on many parts without the high cost of a grinding machine, reducing setup times, performing fewer operations and achieving faster cycle times, the company says.

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