CNC Lathe with Subspindle Completes Jobs in One Operation

The Ganesh Cyclone 78-MSY is a subspindle CNC lathe designed to enable efficient completion of a job in only one operation.

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The Ganesh Cyclone 78-MSY is a subspindle CNC lathe designed to enable efficient completion of a job in only one operation. The full-sized subspindle features coolant flush, air blast and a finished parts ejector for removal of the finished part.  Cut-off confirmation ensures that the part was properly separated before the subspindle moves back. The coolant system features a flow confirmation pressure switch to ensure coolant is getting to the cutting tools.

The turning machine features a 3" bar capacity and a 16-station BMT-65 servo turret that can accommodate more than 30 tools. Radial and axial driven tools have equal access to the fully synchronized main and subspindle. The 30-hp, 4,000-rpm main spindle and 7.5-hp milling spindles feature rigid tapping and are optimized for efficient metal removal, the company says.

The heavy-duty machine is equipped with roller-bearing linear ways for greater rigidity, enabling more aggressive cutting with improved surface finish and tool life. The linear Y-axis features 3.93" of cross travel. The lathe accommodates S-30 and Quick-Grip collet chucks as well as 10" three-jaw chucks, and is equipped with a parts gripper and parts conveyor. A Mitsubishi M720 control offer 680 block look-ahead to ensure accurate feature definition on parts at accelerated feed rates. 

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