CNC Lathes Offer Milling Capability

Mori Seiki says it has developed a series of lathes that provides the same milling capability as a machining center. The series is designed to increase rigidity and minimize thermal displacement, improving precision and productivity. A milling motor inside the turret is directly coupled to the milling tool. This design is intended to reduce the transmission losses and inherent vibration associated with machines that use a series of gears and belts to provide a milling feature. Compared with conventional models, the direct-coupled milling motor reduces tool spindle acceleration time and diminishes vibration and noise, the company says. The thirty-model series includes 6"-, 8"-, 10"- and 12"-chuck versions with the longest maximum turning length reaching 49.6" on certain models. The NL3000 accommodates bar work as large as 3.54" in diameter. To further reduce vibration, the machines employ a rigid triangle structure in the bed, the spindle and the tailstock. The boxway construction further reduces vibration and increases rigidity, resulting in greater cutting depth and feed rates, the company says. The machines feature a digital tailstock in which a servodrive provides all movement. This allows position and thrust to be controlled from the operation screen.

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