CNC Lathes Suited For Joint Replacement Components

Mori Seiki’s NL series of CNC lathes are designed for medical manufacturers, particularly those specializing in the production of joint-replacement components. Difficult to machine, these complex parts are usually made of titanium or stainless steel and require extreme accuracy and surface finish. Additionally, the series’ milling capability allows it to meet the demands of a lean supply chain. Joint-replacement parts are sold in kits that are highly customized to fit specific body types. The series is designed for flexibility to allow manufacturers the agility needed to meet this demand. A milling motor inside the turret is directly coupled to the milling tool. This design is intended to reduce the transmission losses and inherent vibration associated with machines that use a series of gears and belts for milling. The direct-coupled milling motor reduces tool spindle acceleration time and diminishes vibration and noise, the company says. This design also improves accuracy by reducing heat dissipated into the turret. The series further reduces vibration by employing a rigid triangle structure in the bed, the spindle and the tailstock. Suited for producers of small, complex parts, the series packs all features into a relatively small footprint. Models range from 8'10" × 6'9" to 14'10" × 7'6".

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