CNC Software Features Conversational Programming

Tormach has introduced an upgrade to its PathPilot CNC software package at no cost to the user.

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Tormach has introduced an upgrade to its PathPilot CNC software package at no cost to the user. In conjunction with the upgrade, the company is introducing the Try PathPilot program that enables new users to program, learn and train for free.

Updates to Tormach’s PathPilot CNC software include an enhanced trajectory planner for faster cycle times and a visual conversational programming feature providing an intuitive, step-by-step template to write G code for milling and lathe sequences. The memory capacity has been expanded to 85 GB of available program storage memory. Complete Wi-Fi connectivity is built in.

With a new auto-sync function, users now have the ability to eliminate USB drives for programming. This function allows users to post out of their CAM software to a Dropbox G-code folder, even when their CNC machine is not on. The next time the machine is turned on, the sync occurs immediately. 

In addition to the software updates mentioned above, Tormach is introducing its Try PathPilot virtual CNC simulator. This cloud-based program, available for free to anyone with Internet connection, allows new CNC users to learn programming in PathPilot’s environment and try it before buying it. In addition, Tormach CNC machine owners can use this new software to program remotely from anywhere, upload their virtual PathPilot code to their local controller and start making chips once they return to the machine.

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