CNC Software Provides Memory and Connectivity


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Tormach Inc.’s PathPilot CNC control software comes standard on all machine packages. Its Try PathPilot program enables users to program, learn and train on the program for free. 

Updates include a trajectory planner for faster cycle times, and a visual conversational programming feature for step-by-step template to write G-code for milling and lathe sequences. In addition, memory has been expanded to 85 GB, WiFi connectivity is built-in and users have the ability to eliminate use of USB drives for programming with an auto-sync function. This function enables users to post out of their CAM software to a Dropbox G-code folder, even when their CNC machine isn’t on. The next time the machine is turned on, the sync happens immediately. 

Additionally, the company’s Try PathPilot virtual CNC control simulator is available for free to anyone with an Internet connection. This program enables inexperienced users to learn programming in an educational environment and try it before they buy it.