CNC Turning Center

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The Quick Turn (QT) Nexus 350 is the latest addition to the Nexus line of CNC turning centers and vertical machining centers. The company says that advanced integral spindle/motor technology on the turning center accomplishes heavy-duty metal removal at low speed and high speed cutting of aluminum and other non-ferrous materials at high spindle speeds with equal ease. It features a 12" chuck, 40-hp spindle output and 3,300-rpm maximum spindle speed. Rapid traverse in the X-axis is 1,181 ipm and 984 ipm in Z. High-gain servo control makes acceleration/deceleration fast and virtually vibration-free, according to the company. Single-step 12-tool position turret indexing time of 0.2 seconds per position minimizes idle time, which increases productivity. The spindle bore of 3.5" is standard, while a 4.4" bore with a 12" through-hole chuck is available as an option. Bed lengths are available in 26", 48" and 60". Customers can equip the turning center with an optional bar feeder to take advantage of the bar feeder schedule function that comes standard with the Mazatrol Fusion 640T CNC. Different parts can be scheduled and cut in varying quantities out of the same bar stock. Sets or kits can be produced continuously and automatically. The Mazatrol Fusion control also allows networking the machines on the production floor (with optional PCMCIA interface). A fully programmable NC electric tailstock, driven by a servomotor, reduces setup time by 90 percent, says the company. No manual adjustment is necessary, even when changing workpiece length. Another benefit is said to be the "Tool Eye" automatic tool presetting arm. Users simply bring the tool tip into contact with the Tool Eye, and offset of tool nose position, tool measurement and data registration are done automatically, which the company says ensures accuracy and reduces setup time. The Tool Eye also updates and constantly monitors tool wear.

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