CNC Vertical Grinder Reduces Lead Time

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Mori Seiki offers the Taiyo Koki IGV-3NT CNC vertical grinding machine. Vertical grinding opens up the benefits of mulit-processing and helps achieve a lean manufacturing environment, according to the company.


Through the inclusion of two stations on its turret-type wheel head, the machine's wheel head quickly switches among internal, external and face grinding with one chucking. This ability proves especially useful when a job demands roundness approaching 1 micron. The integration of operations is said to reduce the time a workpiece spends in the factory.


The machine's structure features a stable body, supporting high-precision machining characterized by quality roundness and squareness. Designed with the end user in mind, the machine simplifies workpiece loading and unloading and allows for easy centering and workpiece setup.


The internal grinding spindle's options include a programmable speed range of 9,000 rpm to 75,000 rpm and internal grinding diameters ranging from 0.6" to 7.9". The external grinding wheel features a speed range of 2,400 rpm to 3,700 rpm and a maximum external grinding diameter of 7.9". The main spindle is capable of programmable speeds from 40 rpm to 800 rpm.



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