CNC Vision Measuring Systems

The company says its Quick Vision family of CNC vision measuring systems has been enhanced to deliver higher levels of accuracy and speed (up to 3× times faster than previous models). The result, says the company, is productivity improvement for non-contact measurement of items such as IC chips, IC packages, hybrid chassis, lead frames and many types of precision machined, molded and similar parts. Powered by the company's QVPAK software, the company says the platform now offers a wider range of choice in accuracy levels, optical/oblique illumination systems and measuring ranges, and it includes provisions to integrate touch probing for 3D measuring work. The systems offer programmable ring lights with choices of halogen ring-fiber or white or RGB LED illumination. A pattern-focusing function is said to provide a focused edge, even on mirror finishes. Also, the programmable power turret tube lens (or available programmable power zoom lens) provides automatic zooming for a wider field of view at high levels of image detail, the company says. QVPAK software features include a refined GUI, extended 3D data processing functions, complete support of touch-probe measurement with video/TP calibration and two new illumination tools. The software displays measurement results in 2D/3D graphics for easy interpretation, according to the company. Single mouse-click edge-detection, abnormal data elimination, noise filters, datum fit, the SmartEditor part program, plus a variety of additional editing and control tools are standard. Optional software modules extend QVPAK functionality. A partial list of examples includes QVPartManager, which allows for measurement of multiple parts--even for multiple, different parts--staged at one time; QVEio, which provides external machine control via an RS-232C interfaced PC; and MeasureReport/E, a Microsoft Excel-based routine for automatic report generation and printout.

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