Cogsdill Tools Designed for Use in Limited Space

Originally titled 'Burnishing Tools Designed for Use in Limited Space'

Cogsdill Tool’s Micro-Roller Burnishing Tool series is designed with short tool projections for use where limited space is available.

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Cogsdill Tool Products Inc.’s Micro-Roller Burnishing Tool (MRBT) series includes internal tools for parts I.D.s as large as 0.501" in through and bottoming styles, and external tools for O.D.s ranging 0.054"-0.254" in bottoming style. The tools are designed with short tool projections for use where limited space is available. The tools mount in “gang” tool holders and feature a rear adjustment mechanism with 0.0001" incremental adjustment capability. These tools enable the user with the ability to size and work harden parts while obtaining ultra-low surface finishes (as low as 2-4 roughness average) in seconds, according to the company.

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