Collect Production Data From Any Machine

Available from Honeywell International, the LETS Machine Interface (LMI) is an operator terminal that collects information from production machines and feeds it to the company’s Line Efficiency Tracking Software (LETS). This is useful for manufacturers that would like to use the LETS system but lack data-collection capabilities. By installing one or more of the terminals, users can send machine production data to ERP or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software; schedule automatic generation of production and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) reports; and view machine status in real-time. The terminal comes with a built-in RJ-45 connector for Ethernet connection. Its 5.6” color touchscreen is designed to provide easy access to programming functions. Users can select the data they wish to collect, including parts count and preset; scrap count; machine idle time; and downtime reasons. Collected data can be identified by job number, tool number and/or part number. In addition, users can create as many as 32 downtime reason codes and control the order in which they display on the terminal. The unit can be set to prevent the operator from restarting the machine without entering an appropriate downtime code after a set amount of idle time. This can ensure that major downtime events are captured.