Collet Blocks Grip Oddly Shaped Parts

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Able to fixture multiple parts to a machine in one setup, Hardinge collet blocks can be used horizontally or vertically on mill tables, flat or angled fixture plates, tombstones or rotary trunnions for high-production applications. Able to grip round, hex, square or oddly shaped parts, the collet blocks are available in sizes ranging from 1C for the micro-medical machining industry to 35J for the mid-range automotive and aerospace industries. The compact blocks feature a low profile for increased axis travel and maximum layout of the workspace. 


The collet blocks are available in either lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum or heavy steel. Double-acting pneumatic or hydraulic models come in dead-length or pull-back styles. Double-acting requires pressure to both grip and release so that the part doesn’t stick or hang up like it might in a single-acting collet block. In pull-back operation, the collet is literally pulled back or down into the closer as the part is clamped in place via the draw tube. Dead-length models can thread the collet into the closer to a precise location and lock it in place. The collet remains stationary as the closing mechanism moves toward the collet’s taper to clamp the part, then moves away from the collet to release the part. Because the collet itself does not move, the part or fixture maintains a fixed position to allow higher precision and part length control.



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