Colorless, Odorless Film Resists Humidity And Corrosion

Birchwood Casey says its Dri Touch Amber blocks rust and corrosion on all metals without affecting part operation. The material produces a colorless, odorless barrier film that is dry to the touch and resistant to humidity and corrosion. An alternative to oil-based products, the material does not drain off parts or wick off into packaging materials. The product is thin enough to penetrate recessed areas and displace moisture out of the part. Once the moisture is gone, the material dries quickly and leaves a non-oily, colorless film designed to resist moisture and prevent corrosion before it starts. It has a flexible, self-healing property to reflow and recoat areas that are scratched or damaged during handling. Any water the part contacts will bead up and drain off. The material can be applied to wet or dry surfaces and is absorbed by the part itself. Once absorbed, it enhances part color. According to the company, the product is useful on porous materials such as powdered metal, cast/ductile iron, subassemblies and parts with blind holes or other “problem” areas that require protection. A solvent-based formulation, the material has a light amber color and low odor. It is compatible with all lubricants, cutting oils and hydraulic oils and can act as a topcoat over black oxide and phosphate conversion coatings.

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