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8/7/2006 | 1 MINUTE READ

Command Six Motion Axes With One Controller

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A stand-alone controller for applications from general purpose positioning to advanced OEM systems, Aerotech's Ensemble Epaq provides up to six axes of motion control in one integrated package. Using the controller's ability to daisy chain three extra drives, operators can command as many as nine axes of coordinated motion. Using one PC to control multiple controllers through Ethernet or USB, operators can also mix and match drive types in the same positioning system with a common programming and control platform.


The Windows-based, Ensemble HMI with Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software's graphical interface features a program editor, variable output window, compiler output window and task state monitor. An autotuning utility supplements the axis control, diagnostic screens and IO control interface. In addition, an HMI remote software package is included with each unit, allowing users to upload/download programs, modify parameter files and analyze motion from a remote PC.


With a processing power of a 225 MHz double precision, floating-point DSP, the controller can perform a variety of applications. These include point-to-point motion, linear and circular interpolation, multiaxis error correction, 2D error mapping and more. Each controller comes standard with a joystick port, RS-232, an Ethernet port and a USB 2.0 port. Each axis has one 16-bit ± 10 VDC analog input, dedicated home marker input, over-travel limits, hall inputs for motor commutation and estop input.

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