Compact Five-Axis Machine Performs Heavy-Duty Toolmaking Work


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F. Zimmermann has released its FZ40 Compact, a powerful machine based on the company’s FZ33 Compact and offering the same space-saving dimensions. Its primary applications include efficient machining of steel, cast iron and titanium. Like the FZ33 Compact, it has a rigid monoblock structure that allows it to be set up easily and rapidly. The new FZ40 Compact is targeted to those who do heavy-duty cutting and want to focus more on toolmaking.

Whereas the FZ33 compact was designed for fast and efficient machining of aluminum and composites, the FZ40 compact goes a step further. With the same external dimensions and a working area measuring 2,400 × 2,900 × 1,250 mm (XYZ), it is especially suitable for machining workpieces made of steel, cast iron and titanium.

The machine features the VH60 two-axis milling head with a spindle power of 63 kW, a spindle speed of 15,000 rpm and torque of 300 Nm. It is available with the HSK-A100 tool holder. Zimmermann has given the new system all the advantages of the FZ33 compact but enhanced it for heavy-duty cutting, making the portal more massive and more rigid. The machine also has a larger cross slide and a vertical slide designed for machining tool steel.

The strengthened base plate can now hold workpieces weighing as much as 16 metric tons. Eight additional mounting elements are provided for greater stability. The side walls are filled with special concrete and rest on the machine bed. This makes it possible to erect the machine on a solid industrial floor, usually without special machine foundations. Users thus have greater flexibility when setting it up.

The FZ40 Compact can machine steel components quickly and economically on five axes. According to the company, it achieves short throughput times, high availability and high precision.