Compact Footprint HMC

Kitamura’s Mycenter-HX250iF HMC offers a maximum workpiece size of 13.8" (diameter) × 15.7" (height) within a compact footprint for medium- and long-run small parts machining requirements. A two-station automatic pallet changer offers 1.8-second pallet change rotation with a fourth-axis rotary table for multiple-part tombstone fixturing. The machine can accommodate four-sided tombstones as large as 15.7" × 10", weighing as much as 132 lbs. It can machine multiple workpieces while another tombstone is being reloaded with new parts. This 30-taper machine is available with a 15,000-rpm spindle with fine-finish capability and a dual-contact design. This design works with the high speed spindle to provide rigidity, a quality surface finish, high cutting accuracy and extended cutting tool life, the company says. Features include high speed rapids of 1,890 ipm on the X, Y and Z axes, and the center is capable of tapping at 6,000 rpm.