Compact, Lightweight VMCs

Office Mills (OM) from Haas Automation, Inc. are small enough to fit through a 36" doorway, and they can be moved with a pallet jack or equipment dolly. Because they are relatively compact and lightweight, the machines fit into many freight elevators. With the optional caster kit, they can be rolled from one location to another.


The machines run on single-phase power (240 VAC). The OM-1 features a work envelope of 8" × 8" × 8" (XYZ), while the OM-2 has a work envelope of 12" × 10" × 12", providing more capacity in the same footprint. Both machines have a 20" × 10" T-slot table and are equipped with a 50,000-rpm brushless micro motor spindle that accepts tools with shank sizes as large as ¼". For added flexibility, the OM-1A and OM- 2A are available, which feature the company’s ISO 20 spindle (40,000-rpm) and 20-pocket automatictoolchanger.


Maximum cutting speeds for all models are 500 ipm, with rapids as high as 757 ipm, capabilities that, according to the company, can reduce cycle time. The machines are also equipped with the company’s control, a coolant system, automatic lubrication and high speed machining software.


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