Compact Optical Measuring System

Capable of measuring parts as large as 94 mm in diameter, Marposs's V25 Series Optoquick Set system uses shadow-casting optoelectronic measuring technology for non-contact inspection of a range of parts. The compact unit is designed to provide metrological performance equivalent to that of larger systems on the market. Its manually loaded bench can be used for dynamic interoperational and final inspection, and it can accommodate parts as long as 250 mm and as heavy as 10 kg with flywheel dimensions reaching 160 mm. The parts sit between precision centers while the optoelectronic heads go through the programmed measurement cycle.


The unit can measure diameters, roundness, taper, distance, width, grooves, TIR, angle, chamfers and intersecting points. Measurements are displayed on a pendant-mounted LCD screen. Designed for sturdiness and reliability, the system can be used in virtually any shop environment, the company says. The company's SPC and quality-control software, Quick SPC, manages measurement programming and overall capabilities.

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