Compact Scanning CMM For Small Shops

The DuraMax 3D CMM features the Vast XXT sensor to offer scanning capability in a compact design. The company says the CMM offers an alternative to height gages, ring gages, snap gages, plug gages, form measuring machines, workshop measuring equipment and manual measuring machines. It can function as a tabletop CMM or with an optional base that can be loaded from four sides. While scanning is a standard feature, the machine can also perform single-point probing. Its capabilities are said to be enhanced when combined with Calypso software, the company's standard CMM software package. The CMM is designed to maintain stability over a temperature range of 65 to 86°F. The MPE values range from 2.4 + L/300 µm at 65 to 72°F and 2.9 + L/200 µm at 65 to 86°F. While measuring, the CMM's passive vibration dampening offers protection against mechanical vibrations from production. The machine has a measuring volume of 500 × 500 × 500 mm.

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