Compact Vertical Grinder, Big Impact on Precision

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Shigiya (USA) Ltd.’s world-class GPV-10 vertical CNC grinders feature compact footprints to accommodate a range of production line layouts. The main body of these machines is approximately 1 m2, or about half the size an existing Shigiya GAC-20 grinder.

The GPV-10 cylindrical grinder is designed to grind small workpieces with precision. An innovative gate structure ensures accurate grinding by counter measuring against vibration, thermal displacement and noise. A top beam securely connects the upper portion of the two columns. The superior rigidity of these machines ensures extreme precision after a cold start, and even during post-process grinding.

Further contributing to GPV-10 accuracy is Shigiya’s original non-concentric hydrodynamic bearing for the wheel spindle. Mounted on the wheel side of the wheelhead, this bearing maintains low processing heat by optimizing the bearing clearance and the wedge angle. Infeed is performed by the table moving toward the wheel.

These vertical grinders are loaded with features that promote ease of use, including a wide machine opening that allows for flexible automation of loading/unloading and easy maintenance. What’s more, an electrical control panel hinged on the rear of the machines swings open wide to ensure enough working space for easy wheel change. The grinding wheel of the GPV-10 is not angled and does not require a wheel changer to be changed.

The GPV-10 features a 100-mm-diameter swing over table, and 150 or 200 mm of distance between centers. Wheel sizes are 305 (OD) × 25 (W) × 127 (ID) mm or 355 (OD) × 25 (W) × 127 (ID) mm.

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