Complex Waterjet For Medical Machining

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Omax’s 2626|xp JetMachining Center is capable of machining complex shapes with positioning accuracy of ±0.001" over its entire 26" travel. The compact machine has a 57" × 55" footprint. According to the company, it is particularly suited for manufacturers of medical components and other parts that require precise cutting techniques. The machine is capable of cutting stainless steel and various other metals. It can also machine materials such as plastics, glass, ceramics and composites. In addition, the waterjet is available with the company’s Tilt-A-Jet nozzle, which is designed to provide virtually zero taper in most materials. The nozzle works in conjunction with the machine’s Intelli-Max software to calculate and compensate for the natural taper produced by waterjet machining. With these automated adjustments, taper is moved to the scrap material to produce a quality finish on part edges.

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