Component Cleaner Offers Volumetric Flow of 48 L/Min.



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BvL Oberflächentechnik’s Geyser unit removes swarf and firm burrs with its high-pressure pump, generating a water jet which is used for cleaning, deburring and paint stripping, depending on the requirements. The Geyser cleans components with an adjustable pressure of as much as 3,000 bar and volumetric flow of up to 48 L/min.

The GeyserVM unit is the core of any high-pressure cleaning unit from BvL. Different nozzle systems enable individual processing, according to the company. A lance system, for example, with a nozzle that rotates 360 degrees around its longitudinal axis, is well-suited to bores and channels in the part. The high kinetic energy breaks the burrs and detaches them from the component.