Compressed Air System Monitor Maintains Tight Pressure Control

The Sigma Air Manager (SAM) is designed for monitoring, sequencing and analyzing the performance of compressed air systems. According to manufacturer Kaeser Compressors, the unit can balance service hours, prevent simultaneous motor starts and maintain tight pressure control. Adaptable to virtually any system, the unit can manage as many as 16 compressors or vacuum pumps, including multiple types and differing brands. It also manages dryers, filters and drains.


Incorporating an industrial PC, the unit alerts operators to service requirements and provides trending data for plant operational analysis. The company’s Sigma Air Control basic software displays real-time operational status through an Internet browser on a PC, including system pressure trends as well as service and alarm messages. An optional software application, Sigma Air Control plus, stores data for reporting, system audits, control optimization and long-term trend analysis. With either software package, the compressed air system can be monitored and controlled from any location.

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