Compressed Air Systems Offer Best Condensate Solutions

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Super Air Compressor Technology Co. Ltd. provides technical service and customized solutions for compressed air systems. It is active in the compressor energy-saving industry and takes a leading role in R&D and manufacturing. It promotes sustainable development and implements cleaner and greener production concepts.

Super Air has 30 years of service experience.

With traditional condensate drains, clogging, leaking and malfunction are some of the main issues that users face in the first three months following an installation. Even after removing condensate drains and opening up drainage valves to discharge water directly so as to make the compressor work properly, some users still lose their confidence with traditional condensate drain.

As reported by the U.S. Department of Energy, leaks are a significant source of waste energy in a compressed air system, often wasting as much as 20 to 30 percent of the compressor’s output. Compressed air leaks and a pipeline’s residual condensate bother compressor makers and users every time.

In order to provide a reliable and safe condensate drain with zero air loss, Super Air got involved with the technical development of Super Trap, and soon a motorized ball valve, zero-air-loss condensate drain was born. The four outstanding advantages of Super Trap are energy-saving, high-efficiency, reliability and safety:

  • Energy saving: Zero-air loss = energy-saving

  • High efficiency: 10-mm channel, maximum drain volume

  • Reliable: No loose parts inside tank, extremely low break down rate

  • Safe: Remote monitor when clogged or overloaded

Super Trap is a breakthrough in resolving all issues related to traditional condensate drains. Super Trap has been widely used in different manufacturing companies, including Formosa Plastic Group. China Steel, CSBC Corp., Taiwanglass, TSMC, Chimei, AUO, Toyota, Bridgestone, Everest Textile, etc.

Super Air possesses leading condensate drain technologies. Its Super Trap zero air loss not only can decrease unnecessary wastage, but also help reduce CO2 discharge, which is the best example of an energy-saving concept.

Visit the company's IMTS showroom for more information.

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