Contamination-Resistant Electronic Micrometers

Designed for protection against coolant, chips, dust and other contaminants in shop environments, the Starrett 795 and 796 electronic micrometers are available in 0" to 1" (0- to 25-mm) versions with a broader range to follow. The 795 model is equipped with an RS232 output port for data transmission, and the company says it works well with its DataSure wireless data-collection systems. The 796 model has all the features of the 795 but is not equipped with the output port.


Both micrometers feature a 0.275" (7-mm) high-contrast LCD readout, a no-glare satin chrome finish on the thimble and sleeve and a balanced, tapered frame. The one-piece friction thimble is designed to provide smooth operation, and the micrometers can zero tools at any position and retain and return to true zero reading, the company says. Resolution is 0.00005" (0.001 mm), and the units can achieve accuracies of ± 0.0001" (± 0.002 mm). Other features include automatic “off” after 20 minutes of inactivity, instant inch/millimeter conversion and a measurement hold button.

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