Control Designed For Laser Processing Accuracy

The Laser High-Speed Control is designed to provide the C4000i-B, a 4,000-W CO2 laser oscillator, with improved beam quality, better beam mode stability and high speed laser control. The control provides tight servo-to-beam integration so that the laser control is synchronized with the servo system for high speeds and accuracy in laser processing, according to manufacturer GE Fanuc.


The laser interface transmits the laser power command data by connecting the CNC and laser oscillator with the fiber-optic Fanuc Servo Serial Bus I/O. According to the company, the fiber-optic network improves the speed and accuracy of laser processing by integrating the CNC, servos and laser oscillator. This feature transmits the laser power command data from the CNC to the laser oscillator at the control cycle of 125 micro-seconds.


The laser’s control is synchronized with the servo control because the same interface is used for the controlled axes of the laser-processing machine. According to the company, the speed of the control cycle and the synchronization between the servos and beam allow reduced position gap between the cutting head position and beam on/off command. The company says this enables fast processing, high accuracy and low scrap. 

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