Control Offered With Three Intuitive Navigation Choices

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Mag Fadal’s FX series of machines is available with the Infimatic Freedom NC200, a digital control designed specifically for metalcutting machine tool applications, with three intuitive navigation choices. The control is compatible with standard G codes as well as part programs that have been created for Fadal CNC controls.


The operator pendant offers a full keyboard; integrated mouse; and easy-to-use, LED-ringed push buttons, the company says. VeriCode, the control system’s color-coded editor, has real-time syntax and semantic verification to simplify part programming, as well as the ability to facilitate background editing during machining. ServoScan technology automatically populates control parameters and other critical data, reducing errors and streamlining the start-up process.


Infimatic’s Freedom NC Portal interface is said to seamlessly integrate of software from GibbsCAM, NextEngine, Renishaw or other sources of technology. Complete with advanced 3D graphics, the control features integrated GibbsSFP, the control-resident version of GibbsCAM that includes time-saving drilling, contouring and pocketing routines, the company says.


Engineered for maximum reliability in a contract shop or production-floor environment, the control features fanless cooling, diskless data storage, advanced protection circuitry, all-surface-mount circuit board construction, a water-resistant panel and a distributed architecture platform that enables electrical cabinet optimization.


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