Control Software Features Position-Axis Tuning Features

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Delta Computer Systems offers RMC70Tools software for its RMC70 series of one- and two-axis motion controllers. The latest release includes an automated tuning wizard for position-axis tuning and an active damping control for both hydraulic and pneumatic servo applications.


According to the company, The tuning wizard can save time on system startups and during machine operation if component or process changes lead to retuning. The feature helps the user obtain a behavioral model for the motion axis. Then, the gain calculator tool generates initial PID and feedforward gains to approximate the desired system response. The operator can use a sliding bar to select system responses ranging from “conservative” to “aggressive.”


The active damping feature is designed to reduce oscillation when controlling systems with have low damping or significant compression, such as servo pneumatic applications. It can also achieve compliant motion in animation applications.